6 Assumptions You Shouldn't Make Regarding Above-Ground Pool Frames

Purchasing an above-ground pool frame can be a convenient and affordable way to offer the entertainment and enjoyment a pool offers to your household. You need to avoid making inaccurate assumptions about above-ground pool frames to make the right decision on whether this type of pool is right for your home.

The following are six assumptions you shouldn't make regarding above-ground pool frames. 

An above-ground pool won't look good in my yard.

Some people assume that an above-ground pool frame will always involve a pool design that detracts from the appearance of a yard. It's important to explore the different above-ground pool frames available. With some effort, it's possible to find a pool frame for an above-ground pool that will look great in your landscape.

There are also lots of landscaping techniques that improve the appearance of above-ground pools, such as planting landscaping shrubbery around an above-ground pool's perimeter.

Above-ground pools don't last a long time.

If you choose a durable above-ground pool steel frame, your pool can last a long time. Above-ground pools with metal walls can sometimes last as long as 20 years. You can extend the lifespan of your pool if you manage to prevent corrosion from developing in your pool walls. 

There aren't a lot of above-ground pool frame options available.

While you might think that all above-ground pools are pretty much the same, it's important to realize that there are numerous options out there in terms of pool frame design and material. 

In addition to being able to choose the dimensions of your pool, you can also choose the material. There are both aluminum and steel above-ground pool frames available. If you want the strongest possible material, you should choose a steel pool frame. 

Homeowners can install any above-ground pool frame independently.

While it might be possible for some homeowners with construction experience to install their own above-ground pool frames, it's important that you understand the amount of work installation involves.

Above-ground pool steel frames may require professional installation. Make sure you thoroughly research the installation process before getting in over your head by attempting to handle the job yourself. 

The water in an above-ground pool will get too warm.

Although the water in an above-ground pool heats up more easily than water in an in-ground pool, there are numerous things you can do to keep your pool water cool on hot summer days.

Placing the pool in an area that will be shaded during the hottest parts of the summer will prevent excessively warm pool water. 

Zoning and permit laws don't apply to pools when above-ground pool frames are used.

Zoning and permit laws don't only impact the installation of in-ground pools. You might also need to acquire a permit or follow zoning laws for an above-ground pool installation.

Make sure you thoroughly research zoning and permit laws before you decide to have an above-ground pool installed. You can't assume that above-ground pool steel frame installation is not subject to the same zoning and permit laws as in-ground pool installation.

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