3 Tips To Maximize Sunlight When Adding A Sunroom To Your Home

A house gets natural light through windows and exterior doors. How much natural light you get will be determined by factors such as outside obstacles, window size, and total sunlight hours.

Adding a sunroom to your house will give your family a place to warm up and relax without having to experience the outside elements. To maximize sunlight inside your sunroom, you should consider the most important factors to help guide you in the decision-making process.


A sunroom can have a solid ceiling that allows you to install a ceiling fan and light fixtures overhead. However, this kind of ceiling will reduce the potential natural light for the room. You will do a better job of maximizing sunlight by covering the entire ceiling with windows instead. These windows are great for bringing in light around noon when the sun is directly overhead. A combination of ceiling windows and standard windows will provide an ideal balance of lighting.

A sloped ceiling with windows will help you enjoy minimal maintenance. The sloped part will prevent debris such as leaves, twigs, flowers, and seeds from building up on top.  Your sunroom will then provide the maximum amount of sunlight without the need for routine cleaning.


In an ideal situation, you will be able to pick from multiple locations to add the sunroom. Getting this flexibility means that you can choose the spot that gives you the most sunlight.

Most homes will get the most sunlight from south-facing windows because they provide a balance of light throughout the day. Another option is prioritizing west-facing windows to get more light in the evening or east-facing windows to enjoy ample lighting in the morning.


Another important factor that will determine how much sunlight you get in your sunroom is outside obstacles. Trees, houses, fences, gazebos, privacy hedges, and tall outside features can reduce total sunlight potential. Getting rid of these features may not be an option. And, even if you can remove them, you are likely better off finding a different spot to build the sunroom.

Building a sunroom in spring or summer is ideal because hedges and trees will have most or all of their leaves. During fall and winter, these trees may not have leaves to cover up sunlight. You want to add this feature to an area that still gets ample sunlight during the leafiest months.

Maximize sunlight when adding a sunroom by considering these essential details. Reach out to a professional for more help with a sunroom addition