4 Tips For Making Your Home Theater Installation Look And Feel Professional

Have you dreamed of having a home theater in your home, and are ready to finally do the job properly? If so, you'll want to follow these tips that will give the entire system a professional look and feel.

Mount The TV

Having a TV that sits on top of an AV cabinet is not ideal for any home theater. What you'll want to do is mount the TV in a way that allows you to easily change the angle of the television. While the ideal situation is to use a wall mount that allows you to have a full-motion movement, that may not always be an option. You can purchase a mount for your AV cabinet that will lift the TV off the cabinet and allow you to set it at the precise height that you want. 

Hide The Cables

It will take a bit of planning, but you will want to hide the cables so that they are not traveling up the wall to your television set. The best way that this is done will involve making some holes in your wall and placing a plastic tube inside it. This will not only allow you to hide the cables going to your TV, but it also allows you to easily feed a new cable to the TV when the time comes.

Mount The Speakers

A great home theater is going to need more than the speaker built into the television set for it to sound great. When installing your surround sound speakers, it will be best to wall mount them so that they are at the perfect height. Placing them on existing furniture is going to have the sound point at a place that is not desired, and speaker stands can take up a significant amount of room. Wall mounting gives the speakers a clean look with optimal placement. 

Get A Universal Remote Control

With multiple AV components hooked up to your TV, it is going to leave a lot of remotes in the room that are overwhelming and confusing. The solution is to purchase a universal remote control that can control everything in your home theater. These remotes are higher in price, but the convenience that they offer will make your home theater feel like a premium experience. There will be no more hunting for the right remote since one will do everything that you need it to do. 

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