5 Ways To Choose The Right Furniture For A Modest Bedroom

The bedroom furniture set is the one element that will most impact the look, feeling, and practicality of an entire room. So, special care is important when deciding on certain key features of your new set. If your bedroom is limited in size, this feature becomes even more important. 

So, how can you fit your bedroom set perfectly in a more modest bedroom? Here are a few key steps to take. 

1. Avoid a Huge Bed.

You need a bed large enough to be comfortable, but don't go overboard in a small room. For many modest bedrooms, a queen bed is the largest size that comfortably fits while leaving room for other furnishings like dressers and tables. Unless there is a pressing need to expand your sleeping space, try to keep the bed size down. 

2. Slim Down the Frame.

If size is an issue, look at the bed's headboard, footboard, and frame. Many beds' overall frame footprint is significantly larger than the actual mattress, which can take up valuable space without adding anything useful. Instead, consider a style that doesn't frame the entire bed or just skip the footboard or posts if possible. 

3. Curate the Number of Pieces.

Carefully choose the number of furniture pieces in your particular set. Bedrooms sets generally all come with a bed, two nightstands, and a dresser. But they may offer additional pieces, including rugs, a dressing table, armoires, jewelry stands, or a floor mirror. If space is at a premium, carefully consider how much you actually need any additional accessory before you buy it.

4. Opt for Slim Furniture.

Many bedroom sets are chunky pieces of furniture designed to look luxurious and grand. But that can also over-stuff your bedroom even with fewer actual elements. Instead, look for slimmer sets and a modern, sleek feel. Dressers with post legs, for instance, have a smaller visual footprint. And a minimalist headboard can give the support you need without overwhelming the area. 

5. Leave Traffic Space.

When space planning your bedroom layout, pay attention to how traffic flows. The easier it is to move around the room, the roomier it will feel — no matter how much furniture is inside. If you must choose between a larger furniture piece or more room to maneuver, you nearly always do well to err on the side of traffic flow. 

When you match your bedroom set to the room it will be in, you can create a beautiful and comfortable space that is neither too large nor too small. Want more ideas for your particular room? Start by checking out the inventory at a furniture store near you today.