Removing Corrosion From An Aluminum Furnace

If you found that your central air conditioner's evaporator had dripped water on your furnace, leaving behind unsightly corrosion from this condensation, you will want to take the appropriate steps in removing it in its entirety. The first step would be to stop moisture from accumulating in this area. This will require a call to an air conditioning repair service. When they have finished their repair work, the corrosion left behind will be your problem to clean up. Here are some steps you can use to remove and keep white corrosion markings off your aluminum furnace for good.

Clean The Affected Area To Remove Debris

It is important to take the time to clean the corroded area in its entirety. This will remove larger white chunks from the aluminum surface in addition to removing any dust accumulation from the area. Mix equal parts of a mild detergent with water and use a non-abrasive sponge to rub the solution over the corroded matter. When you have removed as much debris as possible, dry the area using a hair dryer.

Use A Wire Brush Or Wool Pad To Scrape Corroded Areas

Corrosion will require a bit of elbow grease to remove it effectively. Use a wire brush or wool pad to rub away white portions from your furnace's aluminum body. Do this in a circular motion to break up the material. Switch to a back and forth motion along with the grain of the aluminum sheeting so scratch marks are obscured from view. Another idea is to use a piece of medium-grit sandpaper to scrape away corrosion. Switch to a piece of fine-grit sandpaper after the majority of the matter is removed to help in smoothing the aluminum to the touch.

Protect The Furnace From Further Moisture Mishaps

Taking steps to ensure moisture does not become a problem again is important to keep corrosion at bay. Call for routine maintenance service for your air conditioner and furnace each year to make sure they are both working efficiently. Take the time to protect your furnace with the application of a waterproof wax. This can be applied using a paintbrush in the area where corrosion was previously present. Should your air conditioning system start leaking again in the future, turn it off immediately and call for repair. The wax will protect the aluminum surface as moisture will not be able to penetrate this material. Reapply the wax when the aluminum no longer looks shiny in the affected area.