What To Do When The Lights Go Out

Even for adults, the world can get scary when the lights go out. After all, it seems like they do so right after you have watched a scary movie or seen some frightening stories on the news. Often, you are not prepared for this occurrence, even though it tends to happen several times a year. After powerful storms, the power can be out for days. This year, it's time to get serious about emergency power solutions for your home so that you never have to live in the dark again.

Emergency Kit

A storm emergency kit is one of those things people tend to talk about but never actually put together. Then, when you lose power, you are stuck trying to find a flashlight or at least a candle and matches. Someone usually grumbles, "Who moved the batteries" when the flashlight you finally find won't work. Simply buy a small backpack or duffle bag in a neon color that you can easily find in the dark. In it include the following: two or three flashlights with working batteries, several packs of backup batteries, several candles in holders, matches in a waterproof container, pens, paper, and a pack of cards. You may want to throw some bottled water and a few snacks in there too so you don't have to keep opening the refrigerator and letting out the precious cold air. 

Emergency Generators

Unfortunately, you tend to think about generators only when you need them. Of course, your neighbors often need a generator at the same time. Just try finding one for sale after a wind storm takes out multiple power lines. You will be out of luck. You do not have to invest in a generator that is big enough to power your entire home. Getting one that can keep your kitchen appliances going and a few lights on is enough. You should be able to buy a 3000 to 4000-watt watt generator for under $1000 that will power enough items to get you through the energy outage without suffering too much hardship. Consider buying one the next time your budget allows and learn how to run it before you need it. That way, your home will be up and running in no time, and the kids won't even have time to be frightened. 

When the next power outage hits, be prepared for once. At least prepare an emergency kit for these situations. If you really want to solve your power issues, purchase an emergency generator. For more information, contact local professionals like Anderson Water Systems.