Add Cartoon Character Pictures To Plain Drapes If You Are Preparing A Guestroom For Your Grandchild

If you are renovating your home's guestroom to provide your grandchild with a comfortable and attractive sleeping area when they visit, enhance the drapes that cover the windows with a child-themed design. Add felt-backed pieces that depict some of your grandchild's favorite cartoon characters by completing the following steps. The designs can be attached with self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners and removed quickly whenever the drapes need to be laundered or if you would like to add another design to the drapes.


  • fabric that contains a cartoon-themed print
  • sewing scissors
  • felt (various colors)
  • fabric marker
  • fabric adhesive
  • self-adhesive hook and loop fasteners

Cut Out The Cartoon Characters And Secure Them To Felt Pieces

Use a pair of sewing scissors to cut out cartoon characters from the fabric that you have purchased. Make sure that each piece that is cut out is relatively the same size if you would like the drapes to have a uniform appearance. Place the cartoon characters on top of felt pieces that are various colors. Use a fabric marker to trace each cartoon character's outline onto the felt pieces. Cut out the outlines that were drawn on the felt pieces.

Apply an even layer of fabric adhesive to the back of each cartoon character. Attach the character fabric pieces to the corresponding felt pieces. The felt that has been attached to the fabric will prevent the cartoon character fabric pieces from wrinkling once they are attached to the drapes. 

Secure The Cartoon Pictures

Cut several hook and loop pieces that are the same length. Remove the adhesive backing from each piece. Secure the adhesive side of all of the hook pieces across the bottom side of one of the felt-backed cartoon character's and all of the loop pieces against a section of one of the drapes where you would like to display the character. Make sure that the hook and loop pieces line up when the felt piece is placed onto the drapes. Attach the hook and loop pieces to the backside of each remaining felt-backed cartoon character and drapes in the same manner. 

Once all of the pictures have been added to the drapes, the guestroom will look like it belongs to a child. Your grandchild will enjoy looking at the pictures that you have added to the drapes and you can easily add different pictures or designs in the future if you would like to change the appearance of the room. Contact  drapery showroom, like Budget Blinds Of Coachella Valley, for more ideas or supplies.