Keep Your Neighbors Happy By Choosing The Best Fencing

The fencing you have installed on your property can make a big difference to your neighbors, especially since the fencing may run alongside their property. While you should be choosing fencing with mainly your own needs in mind, it doesn't hurt to also think about what your neighbors may like. With this in mind, you can look into what can help make sure that your neighbors are satisfied with the new fencing you have installed as well so there won't be any confrontations with your neighbors over the installation.

Stick with Neutral Colors

Brightly colored fencing can look interesting, but it can also be problematic if you have neighbors that you want to stay on good terms with. While some neighbors may be comfortable with bright colored fences, you're much more likely to get a positive reaction by sticking with neutral colors. Neutral colors can range from anything from a chain-link fence left silver to the wood fence kept a natural brown color or painted something like black or beige.

If you're interested in a more exciting color, it's a good idea to check with your neighbors first or just paint the inside.

Discuss the Height of the Fence Ahead of Time

Since your fencing will likely run alongside your neighbor's home, it's important that you check with them to see how tall the fence should be. In some neighborhoods, there may even be rules set by the city council regarding how tall the fence can be, so it's important that you don't simply rush into getting a fence installed without checking. Asking your neighbors how comfortable they are with fencing height can also give you good idea of where to start.

Pick Fencing That Fits in with the Neighborhood

If any of your neighbors have fencing already, you can use their fence as inspiration for your own. By simply checking what kind of fencing everybody else in your neighborhood has and keeping in mind your own preferences, you can have a much better idea of where to start. Sticking with a similar type of fence as your neighbors can give your home a cohesive look and ensure that your home doesn't stick out too much.

Getting fencing installed on your property can be a great project to take on, but it's important that you also keep in mind how it will affect your neighbors. With some of the above tips in mind, you can move forward with getting fencing installed without the concern that your neighbors will be unhappy with the project.

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