Necessary Questions To Ask When Having Lawn Sprinklers Installed

The installation of lawn sprinklers will help your grass look its best—and prevent you from having to waste time watering the grass manually each evening throughout the summer. Given that installing lawn sprinklers can be a complicated task, it's best to leave this job to a trained professional. Look up sprinkler contractors in your city who specialize in residential jobs and then call a few of these experts to discuss your yard, the style of sprinklers you want and get a price estimate. Before you agree to move forward with the work, make sure that each sprinkler professional's answers will satisfy you. This is what you should ask when you call.

How Will My Lawn Look When You're Done?

Given that you're getting the sprinklers installed for the good of your lawn, you want to be sure that the lawn is in good shape at the end of the installation process. Many sprinkler contractors will use trenching machines to dig trenches in your lawn for the water lines. Ask about the steps that each contractor would take to protect the lawn—and ensure that the marks left behind by the trencher will be covered with sod at the end of the job.

Have You Installed Sprinklers At Other Homes In The Neighborhood?

While you can ask to see pictures of the sprinkler contractor's previous jobs, it's also useful to get some residential addresses for other homes at which the contractor has worked. You can then take a walk or a drive past these homes to look at the condition of the grass—if it's impeccable, there's a strong chance that the sprinkler system is working correctly. If you happen to come across a homeowner working in the yard, you might even wish to ask about his or her satisfaction with the sprinkler system and the interactions with the contractor.

Does Your Warranty Last Through The Winter?

Any time that you have a sprinkler system installed, you want to feel confident that it will survive the winter—especially if you live in an area in which the ground freezes over the winter. Make sure that you only hire a contractor who offers a lengthy warranty—on parts and labor is best—that will cover the sprinkler in the spring. If there are any issues with the water lines moving or suffering damage during the winter, you want to be sure that the contractor will come back and fix the problems at no cost to you.

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