Getting Ready For A Move? 3 Ways To Safely Incorporate Your Young Kids

Moving is not something that you want to handle lackadaisically as it could lead to an injury or the damaging of your possessions. Also, while your kids may want to help out with the move, you should not give them just any task as they may not have the strength nor understanding to handle certain things. For instance, it is best not to put them in charge of securing fragile items as they may not know exactly how much newspaper or padding is needed to securely protect something that is delicate. The good news is that there are tasks that you can give them to do with complete confidence.

Have Them Organize Their Belongings

One task that they should be able to handle is to organize their belongings. Anything that they can reach in their own room should be safe enough for them to handle, so it is the perfect job. However, you should inform them to leave their electronics such as a desktop computer, television, or laptop alone as you do not want to risk them breaking any parts or misunderstanding what they need to do to get them ready. Have them create piles into "pack," "toss," or "donate," since you most likely will have items that aren't needed in the new house.

Assign Them to Label Making

A label maker is easy to use and it is a straightforward process to spell out certain words, print out the label, and place it on a box. So, when you are filling up boxes, you can either tell one of your kids what label to create to label the box immediately, or you can give them a list of all filled boxes at once to label. It is easiest to do the labeling while you are packing as this will help you avoid mislabeling or putting items in the wrong rooms for unpacking later on.

Have Them Watch over the Pets

It is common for dogs to become stressed while packing the house. And since the adults should be the ones to handle most of the organizing and packing, you can have your kids comfort, feed, and keep the dogs from getting injured by boxes or distracting movers. This is especially important on the day of the move as you will likely need to put the dogs in a single room or outside while you and some movers, like Palmisano Ralph Movers, load up the truck.

Even if your children cannot help you with the major tasks, they can still be quite helpful during a move.