Three Ways To Reduce Your Chances Of A Slab Leak Due To Plumbing Issues

A slab leak, which is water seeping in through the foundation, can occur for a number of reasons. One common cause is damage to the larger pipes that lay under your home. Typically, these major pipes are made from copper, which is quite durable but can erode and start leaking under the right conditions. To prevent a slab leak due to pipe erosion, follow these three tips.

Have your water hardness tested.

The term "hardness" refers to the amount of dissolved minerals (specifically calcium and magnesium) present in your water. Water that is said to be "hard" contains a lot of calcium and magnesium, whereas water that is said to be "soft" contains less of these minerals. If the water coming into your home is too soft, it may begin to corrode your copper pipes. This won't be a huge issue at first, but over the years, the corrosion can eventually cause leaks to form. Having your water hardness tested can determine whether you should be concerned. If your water is too soft, your plumber can add a special device to your system to add dissolved minerals to your water as it enters your plumbing system so it does not cause any further damage to your pipes.

Make sure your water pressure is properly adjusted.

If water travels through your pipes too quickly, it can cause increased wear and tear on the joints due to the increased pressure it must be placed under in order to achieve this speed. If the water shoots out of your taps rather quickly, it is worth your while to have your plumber check to be sure your pressure is at a safe level. Note that your water pressure can increase over time if you have very hard water and mineral deposits start taking up space in your pipes. Your plumber can adjust your water pressure to prevent this issue from leading to a slab leak down the road.

Avoid drain cleaners.

Chemical drain cleaners may seem like a convenient way to loosen clogs, but when you use them again and again over the years, they can cause damage to the copper pipes beneath your foundation, increasing your risk of a slab leak. Deal with clogs by plunging first. If plunging does not loosen the clog, try a mixture of baking soda and vinegar, and if that does not work, call a plumber to have your pipe manually snaked. You're better off paying to have a drain unclogged now than to have a leak beneath your foundation fixed in a few years.

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