Avoiding A Couple Of Routine Sources Of Problems For Well Pumps

Ensuring a home has access to fresh running water is one of the more important things that a homeowner must provide their home. For those that live far from an urban area, there may not be a local water system to meet these needs of your home. In this cases, it will be necessary for the home to get its water from a well, which will require having a pump. A well pump is a highly complex device that will be battered by its exposure to the elements, but these tips should help you to keep your well pump running. 

Clear Snow Away From The Pump

During the winter months, your home may experience heavy snowfall, which can quickly accumulate around your well pump. Some homeowners will leave this snow in place, but this can prove to be a mistake because the snow can damage the pump. This damage occurs as the snow gradually melts because the prolonged exposure to moisture will make the metal parts of the pump more likely to corrode. 

While you may not like the idea of shoveling snow away from your well pump, it may be the best way to prevent it from prematurely corroding. If you are physically unable to perform this step, you should consider installing a snow melting system around the well pump. These systems generate enough heat to rapidly melt the snow, which will help prevent corrosion from occurring. 

Create A Plan For Mitigating Erosion Around The Well

Erosion is another issue that can cause severe damage to your home's water well. As the soil around the well pump starts to erode, it is possible for the well shaft to be exposed, which can lead to contamination of the water. Luckily, you can mitigate erosion by ensuring there is adequate drainage in the area directly around the well. 

To discreetly address drainage issues, you can install a French drain system to control the path of the water. These drains are buried just below the surface, and they are made using a pipe with small holes in it. Water enters these holes before being carried away. While installing these drain systems will require some excavations to be done, they are virtually undetectable once they have been buried. 

Ensuring that your well pump avoids potentially major damages and problems requires you to have a basic understanding of some of the issues that your home's well may encounter. Knowing why you should prevent snow from accumulating on these devices and how to keep the soil from eroding will help you to ensure that your well functions correctly for many years to come. If you require pump repairs, visit Stettler Supply Co.