How To Maintain A Metal Roof

Metal roofs are made to be durable and long-lasting, but if you don't maintain them correctly, you'll be taking years off of their usable life span. Over time the screws holding the roof down will need to be re-tightened, the edges along the seams should be re-sealed, and any rust forming on the metal should be treated so it doesn't expand and get worse. You should check your roof before the new winter season begins to make sure it will hold up properly during major storms, snow, and ice. Here is how you can maintain your metal roof.

Safety Precautions

Metal roofs can be very slippery, and you'll need to take precautions before you climb up on your roof to inspect and repair any problems. Hose down the roof to remove any leaves and debris that could make you slip when you walk over it. Also, you should wear a pair of non-slip shoes or boots.

Screws and Seams

Check each screw to make sure it is firmly in place. Hex (six-sided) head screws with washers are usually used on metal roofs that are installed on top of a wood base. Determine the size of the hex screws used to hold your metal roof down. Place the same sized hex socket on a drill to carry with you as you move up and down the seams to make sure each screw is tightened.

Inspect the seams at the same time you are checking the screws. If loosened screws have allowed the metal panel to rise up a little, you should make sure the seal where two panels meet is still intact. You should also carry a caulk gun filled with a silicon-based sealer tube. Apply additional sealer wherever you find open gaps between the panels of metal.


You'll want to treat rust spots as soon as they appear. Rust will form wherever the protective coating on the metal erodes and exposes the raw metal to air. Take a small battery-operated hand-grinder fitted with a sanding disc with you when you go up on the roof. Sand the spot until the rust is removed and the bare metal is exposed.

Make sure you have a can of rust-resistant primer and paint (for a uniform look – get paint that matches as close to the color of the roof as you can) with you. Spray the primer on first and let it dry. Then spray the paint over the primer to seal the metal from the elements.

Properly maintaining your roof can add years onto the life of the metal and make your roof last a long time. For more information, contact a professional like Premium Panels Inc