Hosting A Karaoke Party

If you are looking for a fun way to get together with friends and family, consider hosting a karaoke party at your home. This is a wonderful way to incorporate the love of music into an event, while giving everyone invited some entertainment they will not forget. Here are some ideas you can use when hosting your own karaoke party.

Collect Your Materials

To have a karaoke party you will need songs with video available to view so people know what words they will be singing. If you have a home karaoke machine, karaoke discs are available for purchase so you have a selection of tunes to sing along with.

Consider using a home theater projector to put the words on a large screen so everyone attending the event will be able to read along as each singer hits the stage. This make the performance even more exciting, as the words will be seen easily, while the sound will be amplified through home theater speakers, giving each singer a professional karaoke setup. 

Hand Out Invitations

Send out invitations informing guests about the party. Tell them to start practicing their favorite songs! Inform guests to bring along a change of clothing if they wish to enhance their stage presence.

Set Up The Area

Pick a room in your home to be used as the dressing room and place a curtain over the doorway so each guest can make a grand entrance when their name is called. Set up a staging area near the projection screen so the singer will be able to read their words easily. This can be a carpet to stand on or a raised platform made from wood boards.

Play Some Games

Incorporate a few games into the event. Have guests pass a microphone from person to person while a song plays. Stop the song partway through and whoever is holding the microphone will be the one to take the stage. Do this with two microphones to come up with some fun combinations for duets. 

Take Photos

Have someone take photographs of each singer while they are on stage. Make sure to get the projection screen in the background so the words are in the photo. Upload the photographs to a computer and print them out while the guests are mingling or having a bite to eat. Slip each person's photo into a small picture frame. This will be a wonderful keepsake for each person who attended the party!