Enjoying Cool Shade And Protected Property - Tips For Maintaining Your Patio Cover

Home ownership comes with a wide variety of tasks and challenges, and one of the most difficult is finding ways to get the most enjoyment possible out of all of your space. Building a patio in your back yard can be a great way to enhance your land, but it will also likely require the construction of a cover to provide relief from the sun. 

Below, you'll find a guide to some steps you should follow in order to maintain your patio cover. Following these suggestions will put you in a position to maximize your cover's longevity while also avoiding potential damage, guaranteeing that you can enjoy your patio for many years to come.

Dirt Removal

Exposure to the elements means constant exposure to pollen, bird waste, and other typical dirt that blows through the air. Unfortunately, the buildup on the top of your patio cover can be difficult to detect until it begins to sag or fray under the weight of it, creating a serious issue that's difficult to repair.

For moderate dirt buildup, regular spraying with a hose should be sufficient to clear away contaminants. If you find yourself dealing with a cover that has been under rough conditions or hasn't been sprayed in a while, however, you may need to climb a ladder and safely scrub with a heavy push broom.

Mildew Cleanup

Patio covers made of vinyl, canvas, or other fabrics can be uniquely susceptible to mildew. Moisture in the air will combine with dark crevices on the surface of your cover to create perfect conditions for mildew to breed and create unpleasant smells and unsightly spots.

Mildew buildup should be treated as soon as it's noticed in order to avoid any potential structural damage to the surface of your cover. Treating mildew with bleach or simple soap detergent should be enough to allow you to scrub it away, and you should be sure to regularly check your cover for subsequent occurrences.

Sun Damage

While your patio cover is designed to protect you from the sun, you should be sure to take steps to protect it as well. Constant exposure to UV rays can wash away the color of a fabric cover over time, and even a metal patio cover could see its paint begin to flake away. Repainting a metal cover is generally sufficient to counteract the effects of sun damage, while fabric covers may need to be replaced once they're washed out and dull.