3 Ways To Maximize Function When Remodeling A Small Bathroom

Any remodeling project involves a lot of planning and worry. But the planning and worry can increase when your bathroom remodel doesn't involve a lot of room space. You want the end result to look stylish without losing any function or storage. Can you have style and function?

Here are three ways to blend the two together so you can enjoy the look of your bathroom and still enjoy proper use of the room.

Vessel Sink with Wide Counter

A vessel sink has a sleek modern look that wows guests. And the vessel opens up extra room on the supporting counter for storage.

It might be tempting to find the vessel sink with the narrowest vanity. Instead, look for the vanity with the longest counter that can comfortably fit both in your room and within your price range.

This might seem counterproductive. But the vessel's relatively small footprint on the countertop opens up plenty of room for lovely glass display jars full of cotton swabs, cotton balls and guest soaps. You could even sit a multi-drawer jewelry or makeup holder on the counter.

It's also important to choose the right countertop material with the help of a company like Artisan Granite & Marble. Quartz countertops with glass embeds look elegant and offer a reflective property that will make the bathroom vanity area seem larger. The quartz is also easy to care for and damage resistant, which will cut down on your cleaning time.

If your vanity has a closed cabinet underneath, the cabinet's size will match the counter and offer room for storing bulk supplies. You can place large packages of toilet paper, industrial sizes of health and beauty products, and even cleaning supplies in this cabinet without having to worry about stuff falling out when you need to reach for something.

Recessed Medicine Cabinet

Large medicine cabinets are helpful for storing a wide range of products from medications to beauty supplies. But large medicine cabinets can also jut off the wall fairly far and eat up some of your over-sink area.

Instead, ask your contractor to create a recessed area in the wall for the medicine cabinet. The unit should still jut out a couple of inches to make the door easier to open, but the majority of the cabinet will be tucked inside the wall.

This style will provide your bathroom with a sleek update and make it easier to store tall bottles on the back of your sink's counter.

Corner Toilet

Your toilet certainly provides a valuable function in the bathroom, but no toilet is exactly elegant looking. You can tuck the toilet out of the way by installing a corner unit.

A corner toilet has a triangular shaped tank that sits fairly flush to the wall. The bowl has a more rounded shape to both fit in the corner better and take up less of the flooring.

Further utilize this setup by installing corner shelving -- similar to what's used in showers – above the toilet. You can use the shelves for decorations or storing small items such as folded washcloths.