Walkway Construction: Why Using Sand Is Important For The Pavers

Are you planning to renovate your landscape by creating walkways with pavers? You may want to buy sand for the pavers if you want the walkways to maintain their appeal for a long time. In this article, find out what can happen if pavers are installed without sand and what kind of sand you should use for the task.

Why Is Important for Installing Walkway Pavers?

One of the reasons using sand to install pavers is necessary is to create a bed at the bottom of the walkway. A bed is the area you will create before placing the pavers down. You will simply dig the ground up based on the thickness of the pavers and fill the space with gravel or stones. Sand is then poured on top of the gravel or stones and smoothed out to create a cushion for keeping the pavers in place.

Another reason sand is necessary is for creating a smooth surface for your walkways. After you have placed all of the pavers on the bed, you will have to pour sand over the surface and smooth it out. The sand will seep into the cracks between the pavers to join everything together. After all of the cracks are filled with sand, you can dampen the walkways with water to seal the bond.

Using sand will prevent the pavers from moving around when people walk on them. The sand with gravel or stones can also help to keep your walkways level when the pavers naturally begin to settle into the ground.

What Kind of Sand Should Be Used with Walkway Pavers?

You can purchase sand with grains of many different sizes. The best kind of sand to use for bedding and sealing your walkways is the kind that has grains of multiple different sizes. You don't want to use sand that has been finely grained because it may not keep the pavers steady, which means you may need to invest in repairs sooner that you would like to. You also have the option of choosing sand that has smooth or ragged edges, with the ragged edged sand being most ideal for pavers.

Installing walkways throughout a landscape can make the exterior of your home look more inviting and appealing. Just make sure the walkways are constructed for durability so they will last. Get in touch with a sand supplier like Burien Bark LLC so you can install your pavers the right way!