The Evolution Of The Garden Gnome

Garden gnomes are ceramic garden figures that resemble bearded dwarves, often adorned with a long pointed hat. Although they have been seen in multiple forms and mediums for many centuries, the ceramic dwarves that have been in European and American gardens for generations were originally of German origin.

The origins for their placement in yards and gardens is thought to be based on a myth that elves can be summoned to work in a garden at night if a gnome statue is placed there. 

Because of their lasting popularity, garden gnomes have evolved to reflect a homeowner's interests and the influences of pop culture and sports.

Specialty garden gnomes for sale

Although you can find garden gnomes for sale at most garden supply and outdoor decor stores, the largest selection is available online. Just type "garden gnome" along with a specific name into your favorite search engine, and you can find specialty gnomes in categories such as:

  • Sports teams. Although garden gnomes dressed in the uniforms of local football and baseball teams are the most widely sold sports gnomes, basketball and other sports such as racing are also represented.
  • Pop culture. The popularity of zombies has given rise to the zombie garden gnome, which are made to shomw various states of decay, and are often placed partially underground, to give the illusion of rising from the grave. Popular science fiction and fantasy characters have also been represented in garden gnome form, especially those who have achieved cult status, such as those in the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings series of films.
  • Military. There are combat garden gnomes for sale that are equipped with weapons from ranging from assault rifles to grenade launchers. You can create your own gnome army.

Custom garden gnomes for sale

You can now immortalize yourself, a family member, or even a beloved pet as a garden gnome. Using the same techniques as creating a bobble-head figurine, a likeness of your head can be placed on a garden gnome body.

You don't need to limit yourself to a traditional beard and pointed hat gnome figure. Your face can appear on a custom gnome complete with the uniform of your favorite sports team or action figure. All you need is a few photographs from multiple angles. You can request that your gnome appears with a smile to welcome visitors to your home, or a scowl that warns intruders to stay out. The choice is yours. Shop around today for garden gnomes for sale.