Concrete Is An Affordable And Green Kitchen Remodeling Material

If you want to remodel your kitchen on a budget using green friendly materials, you should look into using concrete. You can use concrete in a number of different creative ways in your kitchen.

Kitchen Counter

If you want your kitchen counter to be unique, concrete is the way to go. Since you do not have to cut the concrete, but rather pour it into a frame, you can have your counters any shape you want. You can make a really long, thin counter, or you can make a really wide counter.

If you have an idea that is a little out there, all you have to be able to do is make a frame that fits your idea. Then pour the concrete into the frame, and you have a custom made seamless countertop!

Kitchen Sink

You don't have to stop at the kitchen counter, you can also use cement to make your kitchen sink. You can frame it out to make one big deep sink, or you can make a double sink. You can pour your own kitchen sink, or you can purchase a ready-made cement kitchen sink at your local home improvement store.

One of the great things about cement sinks is cement holds heat. So if you fill your sink up with hot water to wash your dishes in, the sink will retain that heat.

Cement sinks are also great at blocking sound. If you install a garbage disposal with a cement sink, the sound will not be quite as loud.

Kitchen Floor

If you want, you can even pour a cement floor in your kitchen. Just because you have a cement floor in your kitchen does not mean that it has to be a boring gray color. You can purchase dyes to add a little color to your cement floor. You can also embed different materials into your concrete floor while it is drying to give it a little more personality. A concrete floor can become a colorful accent piece in your kitchen.

The best part is, concrete floors do not require much upkeep. You just need to sweep and mop them occasionally. Plus, concrete floors do not get scratched up like other types of flooring.

Green Kitchen

Finally, the best part about using cement in your kitchen remodel is that it is a green building supply. Generally, all the materials for your cement are locally sourced and require minimal transportation. Concrete has a very long life span, and does not need to be treated with any harsh chemicals. Plus, concrete is really affordable, especially when compared to other materials you could use in your kitchen, such as granite, marble and slate. 

If you want help incorporating concrete into your home remodeling project, contact a kitchen design company like Stone Forest Kitchen & Bath Center.