4 Potential Problems When Upgrading A Bathroom Vanity

You've gone online and watched a 3-minute video about how to swap out your old bathroom vanity for a brand new vanity. Looks simple, right? If you have never done this bathroom renovation before, you will most likely run into some issues you may not have thought of. By being aware of these 4 potential problems, you can prevent them from happening to you.

The New Vanity Is Too Short

In a perfect world, your new vanity will be the exact same height as the old one, covering up all those nasty marks left from caulk, anchors, and chipped paint. However, this is not always the case. If your new vanity is shorter than the old one, you will need to patch, prep, and paint the wall before installing it. This can turn an afternoon project into one that takes several days.

The New Vanity Is Too High

When shopping for a vanity, make sure you account for the height of the vanity top as well. While the vanity top is usually just an inch or two in height, the backsplash can add several inches to your vanity. A new faucet with taller handles can also add a few more inches you did not intend to add.

Make sure the height of the entire ensemble is low enough to clear any existing electrical outlets, switches, and medicine cabinet doors.

The Drawer Placement Is Off

One thing you do not want to happen after buying your vanity is to discover that the support beam for a drawer is right where a pipe is supposed to go. Do not just measure the space that your vanity is going into, measure the pipe placement as well. You may need to get a vanity that is just a cabinet without drawers if the pipe placement does not work in your favor.

The Molding Does Not Fit

If you are replacing a pedestal sink with a vanity, you probably have molding along the wall behind the sink. The new vanity will need to be anchored to the wall, which means that the existing molding will need to come out. Make sure you have the tools to remove the existing molding, trim it to fit the vanity, and put it back in place.

On the flip side, a smaller vanity will leave a gap in your molding that needs to be filled before your bathroom remodel is complete.

How-to videos are a great way to learn the basics of replacing a bathroom vanity, but they will not prepare you for all the problems that you may run into. Knowing what to expect ahead of time can help your bathroom renovation go more smoothly.