Keep Your Entire Yard Looking Gorgeous With A String Trimmer

The string trimmer, also commonly referred to as a weed eater or weed whacker, is a lot more versatile than most will give it credit for. With the vast array of attachment options available at most hardware stores, the lowly weed whacker can help you with any number of other chores, some of which go far beyond the scope of your lawn itself. 

Hedge Trimmer Attachments

Many models of string trimmers can be outfitted with a hedge trimmer accessory, which can save hundreds of dollars on a completely separate tool designed to keep your shrubs in line. Also, a hedge trimmer by itself is not nearly as convenient to use as the attachment, given the long range provided by the shaft of a string trimmer. 

Blower Attachments

Though this one might be a little tougher to find, it makes up for it in versatility. Leaf blowers can be bulky, cumbersome and deafening, not to mention costly. A blower attachment for your string trimmer, while it might not have the gusto to knock out all of your autumn leaves, will provide enough heft to clear off a driveway or walkway of any stray trimmings once your lawn has been manicured for the week. 

Chainsaw Attachments

This one might be the biggest money saver of all of the attachments in this article. Instead of investing up to $400 in a quality chainsaw that will see two days of use per year, getting the chainsaw attachment for your weed whacker will save your wallet and your back. However, this one is limited to home owners that only have to prune a few trees every year — most chainsaw attachments won't get through a branch wider than 6 inches or so. 


This one might be the best-kept secret in string trimmer accessories. Though it is only offered by a few manufacturers, a tiller attachment will save you from having to go through your entire garden by hand or having poorly aerated soil. Also, the tiller attachment will help to chop through tough weeds, making a fall cleanup a breeze. 

If you want to cut down on shed space, save some money at the hardware store, or simply get the most of your existing tools, then the diverse number of string trimmer attachments is the perfect place to start. Though they might not replace your entire shed (yes, you'll still need your old snow shovel), your string trimmer might give you the best bang for your buck of any tool in there. Or, contact a landscaping service, like Chamley Landscape, and leave your lawn care maintenance to someone else!