How A Wooden Bird House Can Attract Birds & How To Keep It Clean

If you have a lot of trees and love birds, you may be interested in investing in outdoor themed bird houses. Hanging a bird house in your tree will give you the opportunity to watch more birds when you are relaxing outside, but you must also keep the house clean. In this article, learn how to attract birds with a wooden bird house and how to keep it clean.

How to Attract More Birds to Your Bird House

Having a wooden bird house hanging in the tree is likely to attract birds, but there are a few things you can do to attract a larger amount of birds. One of the things you can do is build a bird's nest to place inside of the bird house. Take a walk around your yard to gather items such as leaves, grass, pine needles and sticks. Assemble all of the items together in a circular shape to until a bird's nest is created. You can attach everything by weaving different pieces in and out of each other.

You can also attract birds to the bird house by making sure you keep food in the nest. A few of the ideal foods you can use are sunflower seeds and peanuts. Bread crumbs can be used to feed birds as well, but you may not want to leave bread in the nest because it can get soggy and make a mess. It is important for you to get into the habit of cleaning the bird house out no matter what types of foods are used.

How to Clean Your Bird House

To clean your wooden bird house, open it up based on the instructions that came with it when you purchased it. You may have to disassemble the bird house to clean it if there is not an opening already constructed for the task. Use bleach to clean the bird house because it can sanitize it, which is a good idea because of bird droppings. 

Before cleaning the inside of the bird house with bleach, remove the nest. Wipe down the exterior of the house with bleach as well. When you are satisfied with the cleaning job, take a cloth with nothing but warm water on it to remove any bleach residue that is left on the house. You don't want the birds consuming the bleach so it is important to remove it. Reassemble the bird house and place a new nest inside to continue enjoying bird!